Petropolis the only imperial city in the Americas

Pick up point: Guest’s Hotel (Duration: approximately 5 hours)

One hour travel by the Serra dos Orgãos National Park.
Visit to a Waterfall inside the Tropical Forest (Itaipava – Km 13 / 50 meter drop).
Optional: Visit to the Pottery Factory Luiz Salvador

Visit to the Quitandinha Palace, built in 1944 by Joaquim Rolla to be the largest hotel casino in Latin America. Its architectural style is the Hollywood rococo (internally) and Norman-French (externally) - the latter very present in architecture due to Petropolis German colonization.
Av Koeler with its mansions and Neogothic Cathedral of Saint Peter de Alcantara where rests the mortals of Brazilian imperial family.
Visit to the Enchanted, house of Santos Dumont, Brazilian aviator, aviation pioneer and creator of the wrist watch (Cartier Santos).
Visit to the Imperial Museum in Petropolis, summer residence of the Imperial family.
Lunch at the Alcobaça Inn one of the most charming places in the mountains of Rio region. A house built in 1914, surrounded by rose gardens, bromeliads, orchids and fragrant herbs. The owners, the same family that built the house as a vacation home, take care of all the details personally. A restaurant, open to the general public, offers authentic cuisine du terroir.
Return to Rio de Janeiro.

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