"I have been meaning to write to you for ages as something been on my mind. You are without a doubt the best guide we have had not only in THE AMERICAS, but in Europe as well. No one comes close to you for time managent, reading the situation and the client. Wish I could find a Marco in every place we visit. Or is it your city is so easy to show just sells its self. No seriously, u are the best and we miss you."


Jonathan Said

"While Staying at the Fasano hotel in Rio, concierge recommended Marco Bransford to use for a day of private touring. I believe it was the best day of our entire trip. Marco was fantastic, friendly and informative. We visited Christ the Redeemer as well as a local favella. The information we received on this tour was invaluable. Thank you Marco for a wonderful day in Rio (River of January!!!)"

Jodie Tiller, Mason Horvath Travel Vice President • Vancouver, British Columbia